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Nottingham Cables UK Ltd was founded in 2012 by the present two Directors to provide a high quality design and manufacturing service of mica taped conductors and specialised cables.


Mica Glass Taped Conductors

Specialist suppliers of Mica Glass taped conductors. Meeting the needs of the cable industry on quality, price, delivery and service.

Situated in Mansfield, Nottingham, we are suppliers of quality mica glass taped conductors. Significant investment has been made on new taping machines and with the most experienced taping operators in the industry, we are confident that we can offer the best quality taped conductors at the most competitive market prices.

Nottingham Cables UK Ltd are the UK's leading supplier of Mica Glass Taped Conductors

You will also be able to call upon our technical expertise to improve your production process and where necessary, we can offer help and practical advice on the application of further processes connected with the mica taped conductor.

DCL Offers & Services

Using free issue materials, taping trials for customers for fire testing can be carried out free of charge. Whatever your taping requirements are, DCL has the expertise and experience on hand to help, advise and ensure total satisfaction.

DCL is proud of the quality product we supply. The highest care is given to all of our products and every length is regularly monitored through the production process.

In addition to our standard quality checks, we also take great care to ensure that the tape overlap is checked, verified and passed by a senior member of the team before and after every process length. The finished product is also checked for resistance values before leaving the factory.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction. Therefore, our main goal as a business is to supply our customers superior quality products. Our customers set the standard of our quality. They not only judge our quality, but also our on-time delivery and competitive pricing structure. From our material selection and sound cable knowledge, coupled with years of industry experience and listening to our customers, we can give our end users exactly what they need from a mica tape conductor supplier.

Calculation of Tape Usage

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